Sky Media get more than they bargained for…

May 5, 2015

Sky Media: ‘Please can you run a Q&A to help us sell some ad space for the World Cup?’

AP: ‘Sure’.

Sky Media: ‘Here’s a list of suggested topics – odds, key players, passionate support, who will win etc.’

AP: ‘Thanks, though the guys tend to go where they want…’

Opening answer from Sean Fitzpatrick: ‘I remember one of my first tests for the All Blacks, against France.  After the game Buck Shelford got up on the physio’s bench, pulled down his shorts and one of his balls fell out onto the table.  His nut sack had been ripped open…’

Sky Media: ‘Not exactly what we had in mind, but let’s roll with it!’

Andy’s Annabel’s Goode Foode testimonial.

April 26, 2015

Took me a while to come up with that headline.  How a lad who started out at Barkers Butt’s rugby club made it to a testimonial on Berkley Street is anyone’s guess.  T’was a top night raising money’s for the Bear’s big send off.  Beanie hats for the Wooden Spoon’s arctic challenge, with a lovely stage smile from Stephen Jones.


‘What is takes to win’ dinner – NSPCC.

April 24, 2015

Fantastic night raising money for the NSPCC with Stuart Lancaster, Jonny Wilkinson and Will Greenwood.CPG_RUGBY_DINNER_28CPG_RUGBY_DINNER_110CPG_RUGBY_DINNER_65CPG_RUGBY_DINNER_128

Marseille’s super semi final.

April 19, 2015

Not sure JW got the dress code for our Champions Cup play off, but he certainly brought good telly.

Sports casual forever.

Robshaw’s rough riders…

April 16, 2015

Hugely enjoyable day with these sharp shooters.  There was unanimous agreement that wellies maketh the man however.